Glen Boles

Glen Boles, the Alpine Artist, is a well-known Canadian mountaineer whose long-standing passion for the mountains is reflected in his art and photography.

Glen’s paintings, and pencil and ink drawings make exceptional and unique gifts that will be cherished for years by anyone who has a passion for the mountains. His photographs are breathtaking and have appeared in dozens of books, including his own books. His art reflects the kind of detail that can only come from someone who has that deep awareness and appreciation that comes from decades of mountaineering and skiing in the Canadian Rockies. Glen’s paintings and drawings are available as limited edition, numbered and autographed prints.

Glen’s biography provides insight into this remarkable man and the inspiration behind his beautiful art. Glen has entertained countless audiences with slides and stories of his adventures in the Rockies with his friends, the famous “Grizzly Group”. Glen is available to do a limited number of presentations through out the year. Questions and comments are welcomed.

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